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Education, Safety & Professionalism

The Coalition of UAS Professionals is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the safe and professional advancement of the unmanned aerial systems (drone) industry. Through a combination of educational programs, public outreach, member support and volunteer work, the Coalition strives to provide resources and support to both veteran pilots and newcomers alike.

 Areas of Focus


Regulatory / Legislative Tracking (both state and federal levels)

Small Business Support

Forum to Exchange Ideas / Best Practices

Public Outreach

Community-Based Set of Safety Guidelines

Managing the Public Image of Drones


Our Work

 Member Benefits

Recognition as a Professional

Network of UAS Operators

Technological Leadership

Ability to Help Shape the Future of the UAS Industry

Access to All Pending & Enacted Drone Legislation

Access to All Enacted Drone Regulations

System Updated Daily


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