Our Mission

Safety is an Investment, Not a Cost

The Coalition of UAS Professionals is a non-profit organization dedicated to the safe and professional advancement of the unmanned aircraft systems (drone) industry. Through a combination of educational programs, public outreach, and member support, the Coalition strives to provide resources and assistance to both experienced pilots and newcomers alike. With a singular focus on safety, the Coalition of UAS Professionals leverages grass-roots efforts by its membership spanning all 50 states in order to make the greatest impact possible to our rapidly growing and decentralized industry.

We believe that a safe UAS operating environment will require 3 key elements: an established (and understood) regulatory framework, technological enablers, and a culture based on safety and education. Regulations and technology are coming, but building the foundation upon which those solutions will rest needs to start now. 

Our goal is to help facilitate adoption of the same culture of safety that has served manned aviation so well by working hand-in-hand to support the organizations, clubs, meet-up groups, new pilots, seasoned aviators, support teams et al. that make up the UAS ecosystem. The Coalition provides a suite of tools and resources, a forum to share best practices & lessons learned, continuing education modules, safety updates, as well as access to industry leaders and experts. In the absence of formalized protocols, it is incumbent for industry to set the safety bar high.

The ability to stay up-to-date on rules, regulations and bills that affect the UAS industry is a key component to their safe and successful implementation into our society. Our real-time legislative tracker provides a way to easily keep current and knowledgeable about pending and enacted UAS legislation, along with the regulations that these new laws create. In addition to daily legislative updates at both the state and federal levels, we conduct quarterly surveys to gain perspective about what’s top of mind with small UAS operators, businesses and key industry stakeholders.

Safe, legal, responsible flying is the only way the UAS industry will be able to realize its tremendous potential. Adhering to best practices, continuing education, and a code of conduct signifies to both the general public and clients that Coalition operators are true professionals who put safety first.

Safety through education is our motto not simply because it's the right thing to do, but because the prosperous viability of our industry depends on each and every pilot operating at the pinnacle of safety and professionalism. Our industry rests at a crossroads; only by working together collectively will we be able to ensure its long-term success.

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